Hedge trimming

Keep your hedges tidy with our expert scheduled trimming service.

Does it feel like your driveway is getting narrower? It’s probably time to trim your hedge.

Hedges are an aesthetically pleasing way of blocking sight lines and delineating property boundaries – but trimming them can be a time-consuming business. Whether they line your driveway or the fence, keep your hedges neat and tidy with our scheduled trimming service.

Trimming schedules

With 15+ years of experience operating within multiple Sydney council areas, Arb Culture is well acquainted with the rules and regulations around trimming hedges. 

Our bespoke hedge trimming schedules take into account the species of hedge, growth rate and patterns, its health and structure and your preferences, whether we’re carrying out a one-off job or arranging regular trimming.

Safe, high-quality hedge trimming

No matter the size and location of the hedge in question, safety is always our first priority. That doesn’t just extend to the safety of our workers: it also includes the safety of you and your family, your possessions, and that of your neighbours and any passersby.

As fully insured and qualified (AQF Certificate III in Arboriculture) arboriculturalists, we use industry standard safety processes and techniques on every job. In addition, once your hedge has been trimmed, we carefully clean the surrounding area, ensuring your property is as clean (or cleaner) than before we started work.