Stump grinding

Tree removal’s only half the job – get rid of that unsightly stump and use your ground for something new.
You’ve just had a tree removed – but the stump remains. To finish the job, our stump grinding service removes all traces of felled trees and major roots, eliminating the risk of regrowth or infestation, and prepares your ground for future planting.

What is stump grinding?

While not always necessary, Arb Culture generally recommends stump grinding after most significant tree removals instead of allowing the stump to decompose naturally or digging out the stump.

Leaving a large stump to decompose naturally takes a long time, meaning you’ve got an unsightly stump taking up space on your property that could be used for something else. There’s also the risk of regrowth emerging, or termites taking up residence in the dead stump. Meanwhile, digging out a large stump is a difficult, highly manual and time-consuming task that can be very expensive if you’re not willing to do the work yourself.

Stump grinding is a cost-effective method of removing large stumps that effectively prepares your ground for new planting. It involves using specialist machinery to grind the stump and roots down – while it can be done immediately after tree removal, it’s generally better to wait a few weeks and then grind the stump down.

Stump grinding on difficult ground

Many Sydney properties, particularly inner city and coastal properties, present access or terrain issues which can present problems for stump grinding equipment. 

Arb Culture specialises in properties with difficult access and terrain: our partnerships with equipment suppliers and subcontractors allows us to carry out stump grinding (and many other tasks) in location where others may not be able to tread. Contact us to discuss your unique access or terrain situation.