Tree pruning

Manage your trees (and keep peace with your neighbours) with a regular pruning schedule.

Pruning trees, palms and other large plants is an essential maintenance task. It reduces fire risk, the risk of storm (and other) damage, and helps avoid conflict with your neighbours.

However, pruning can be a time-consuming task – and pruning higher branches can be dangerous. Arb Culture’s bespoke pruning schedules are designed to keep your trees, palms and other large plants under control and looking great, and to keep you safe as well.

Pruning schedules

With 15+ years of experience operating within multiple Sydney council areas, Arb Culture is well acquainted with the rules and regulations around pruning trees and other large plants. Our bespoke pruning schedules take into account the species of tree, its health and structure, any council restrictions and your preferences, whether we’re carrying out a one-off job or arranging regular pruning.

Safety is our first priority on every project – that of our workforce, you and your family, and your neighbours and passersby – and we also guarantee we’ll leave your property as clean (or cleaner) than before we started work.

Palm pruning and cleaning

Have your palms grown too tall for easy pruning, or are large fronds presenting a danger as they fall? Our palm pruning service removes all dead and dying fronds along with old fruit stems, ensuring your palms are both safe and attractive.

Building clearance pruning

Do your trees, palms and other large plants overhang your building structure?

It’s recommended that you have at least three metres of clearance between trees, palms, large plants and your building structure (ten metres in bushfire risk areas) to reduce the risk of fire damaging your property. Keeping trees clear of your building also helps prevent damage to your roof and walls, keeps your gutters cleaner, and means that roof-mounted technology like solar panels and TV aerials work more effectively.

Our dedicated building clearance pruning service is designed to ensure your building remains safe from potential fire risk. For a one-off or scheduled pruning, get in touch now.