Tree removal

Safely remove nuisance or dangerous trees without risking a hefty fine.

There are several reasons you may wish to remove a tree from your property: perhaps it’s dead or dying, perhaps its roots are damaging the slab or underground pipework, or perhaps it’s a fire risk.

However, removing a tree can be a dangerous business – especially if it’s a large or old tree. In addition, the maze of council regulations around tree removal can put you at risk of a hefty fine if you remove a tree without approval.

Arb Culture’s tree removal service not only ensures the safe, high-quality removal of unwanted trees, but also provides recommendations on ensuring this is done without the risk of hefty fines for improper removal.

Safe, high-quality tree removal

No matter the size of the tree in question, safety is always our first priority when it comes to tree removal. That doesn’t just extend to the safety of our workers: it also includes the safety of you and your family, your possessions, and that of your neighbours and any passersby.

As  fully insured and qualified (AQF Certificate III in Arboriculture) arboriculturalists, we use industry standard safety processes and techniques on every job. Every branch is carefully positioned before release, and we observe all working safely at heights regulations and accreditations. 

In addition, once your tree has been removed, we carefully clean the surrounding area, ensuring your property is as clean (or cleaner) than before we started work.

Emergency and storm damage removal

Have you woken up to find a tree has fallen on your power line, roof or worse? Arb Culture’s emergency and storm damage removal service provides a rapid response solution to fallen or severely damaged trees.

As with all our tree removal services, we ensure the safety of you, your family and our workers first – especially if there’s a risk of electric shock. We’ll carefully remove the trees and plants in question and take away the green waste, enabling other workers and tradespeople to access your property safely.

Knowledge of council requirements

One of the trickiest aspects of tree removal is navigating the council approval process. You may or may not require approval to remove depending on the species and size of the tree in question, its location, bushfire risk and individual council regulations.

With 15+ years of experience in dealing with councils around the Sydney basin, Arb Culture is perfectly placed to offer accurate, professional recommendations on removal and and pruning maintenance schedules. Don’t leave it to chance (and risk a hefty fine) – talk to us first.