When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

Are those branches from a tree in your garden getting out of control? Concerned about the roots damaging your slab? When is the best time to remove the tree entirely? 

Reasons for tree removal

  1. Tree removal is necessary if the tree is dead or dying. Dead trees can cause a hazard, as a hollow decaying trunk can become weak and be prone to falling over: it’s important to have them removed to eliminate the risk. Also, if the leaves are beginning to turn brown or the branches are decaying, then it is best to get rid of it.
  2. If the tree is too large, too close to your house or blocking the view from your windows, then it’s best to have it removed. The roots of some trees can cause damage over time to structures, such as driveways and walls, so it’s important to identify this before it gets worse.
  3. Broken or cracked limbs are a safety hazard. Over time, these can break off completely, for example in strong winds, and land on nearby structures – or worse, passersby. 
  4. Sudden leaning can be an indication that the tree is bearing too much weight on one side and will eventually topple over which can be very dangerous. So it’s best to take preventative action and remove the tree.

Why hire a professional tree remover?

There are many aspects to consider when removing a tree. It requires skill and knowledge to ensure it’s done safely and with the correct equipment and procedures. It involves a lot more than simply cutting it down at the trunk.

Arb Culture provides professional and experienced arborists who will assess the best way to safely remove your tree without any damage to your property or the environment. We have the correct tools and expertise needed to remove the tree safely and grind out the stump afterwards. This is something a general homeowner won’t be able to do, and it’s best to leave it in our capable hands.

DIY tree removal can be very dangerous and can lead to serious injury. Subsequently it can cause damage to structures on your property or your neighbour’s. What’s more, you might be slapped with a hefty fine if you remove a tree without approval.

As fully insured and qualified (AQF Certificate III in Arboriculture) arboriculturalists, Arb Culture uses safe processes and techniques on every job. Every branch is carefully positioned before release, and we observe all working safely at heights regulations and accreditations. Get in touch to see how we can help you.